Not Feeling Worthy

On January 1st, I decided I needed a Bible Plan and a Writing Plan to tackle for the New Year. Where should I begin my reading in the Word? I know I want to start this new blog, but what do I call it? Where should I start?!?! Panic arose in my chest as I fumbled for my phone to log onto my “First 5” App that I downloaded through Proverbs 31 Ministries (by the way, if you haven’t heard of them, I highly recommend checking their app out). The first thing I read is this, “Go and Tell Your Story.” Not that I needed many more clues to begin writing, but this was definitely an affirmation that I SO needed at that moment. I took a deep breath and continued reading. At the bottom of the message, there was an invitation to read the Chapter of Exodus. Ironically, I just had finished reading the first Chapter of Genesis & guess what happens to be the next Chapter in the Bible? Great! Done. I decided to order the Exodus experience guide through the website in order to immerse myself more fully in the Chapter. I have to say, since making the decision to start this new endeavor, my January has been feeling pretty good.

This past week, my study on Exodus has brought me through to the end of Exodus 5. After completing the readings & journaling about what I’ve read thus far, I’ve come to a correlation between myself & Moses. In Exodus 3, God appears to Moses in a burning bush to instruct him to lead His people out of Egypt to free them from their oppression. Moses then expresses his inadequacies to God to perform the duties he is asked to fulfill. God, all the while, assures Moses that He will be with him. Moses comes up with many excuses of why he feels that he is not good enough to perform this kind of task. God, all the while, assures Moses that He will be with him and not to worry.

How many times have I been guilty of feeling unworthy of God’s instruction? Well, how long has it taken me to start this blog… Umm, well, let’s just say longer than necessary. So many times, the voices in my head start creeping in – “What makes you think you’re a writer?” “You’re too busy to write, anyway.” “Do you really think others are going to care about anything you have to say?” You see, it’s these damaging voices that have prevented me from taking that first step. And those same voices are what draws me away from God, instead of closer to Him. Satan would like me to listen to those voices. But, thankfully, I have a choice. And I choose God.


2 thoughts on “Not Feeling Worthy

  1. Congrats on throwing your net out and trusting God! You are truly an amazing woman of God, I can’t wait to follow you through this journey. I am also excited for God to work in my life because of the choice you made.


  2. Thank you for sharing the gifts God has given you! I pray he will strengthen you in your faith and confidence in Him and the purpose he has for you in doing this blog.

    His Word says: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, Amen, blessings, Aunt Denise


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